Most horrible diseases that claimed many lives in the past are not starting to get eradicated because of vaccinations. Vaccinations are how scientists have been able to do this, by building up your immune system to these diseases. When you get a vaccination, you are given damaged or dead viruses in then, this gets your immune system to respond the virus and then create antibodies to protect yourself. This all came to light when Edward Jenner saw that a milkmaid didn’t contract smallpox after she contracted cowpox. This is how the first vaccine was born.

Since the introduction of vaccines, most of the horrible diseases, like smallpox, measles, mumps, whooping cough, and polio have almost been eradicated but because of the anti vaccination movement, we are starting to see more of these diseases come back. This was all because of one man in the United Kingdom that claimed that the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine caused autism, which has been proven untrue. And it is has been discovered that he was a fraud and his article was retracted but by the time all of this went down, the damage to his “study” had already been done and people were starting to jump on the bandwagon.

Parents now voice there choice to get their kids vaccinated or not, which is there right but there is a problem with this. Since fewer kids are getting vaccinated for these diseases, they are putting other kids at risk if they get infected with one of the diseases we vaccinate against. For example, if a child has the mumps and goes to school, they are no only putting the kids that aren’t vaccinated in danger but also the kids that are. You see if more kids are vaccinated then they can protect the others that aren’t, which happens sometimes because some can’t get vaccinated because of health reasons.

It is totally up to the parents if they want to get their kids vaccinated or not but since the anti vaccination movement, there has been out breaks of whooping cough and measles all over the United States. We are now going backwards in the health of our children and in recent news some professional hockey team members have come down with the mumps. This is one example of how fast things like this can spread, it not caught early, and they could have spread it to every city that they visit for a game. Do you want your child to come down with something like this because you don’t want to protect them against it?


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