How To Cope With Homework In Primary Schools: Tricks And Hints

There is a debate at the moment about the usefulness of homework in primary education. Whichever side of the argument you take, most schools require that you sign a home/school agreement and that will usually contain a clause about supporting your child with their homework.

As it is a requirement, let us instead focus on the perceived positives of undertaking work outside of school.

Why is homework set?

  • Properly assigned work can let your child’s teacher know if your child has understood what was taught in class.
  • It lets parents see if their child is struggling and ask for help early.
  • It teaches the child the organizational skills and discipline necessary for later on in their scholastic career. The child will gradually learn to work independently.
  • It is the start of understanding Personal Responsibility – that sometimes you have to do things even if you don’t want to.
  • It allows the child a chance to review what they learned today and prepare for class tomorrow.

How not to have to drag your child kicking and screaming to their work

  • It is reasonable to suggest that your child has spent much of the day sitting at a desk with only a few breaks. You’ve picked them up from school, now is the time for play. Let them walk or run or ride a bike or kick a ball, anything to give all that pent up energy an outlet.
  • Despite what you might think about working out of school, your child will need to have acquired the skill of settling to work by the time they reach secondary education. The best time to start the habit of getting the work done is while they are still young.
  • Set aside a “grown-up” office space for your child to work in. Let him or her decorate it as they choose and make sure that it has everything your child needs to work.
  • Have a dedicated time when your child sits down to do the work. Letting younger children work before they eat their evening meal and allowing older children more “chill” time so they can start later.
  • As part of this experience is your child learning to manage independently, if there is more than one set of work encourage your child to write a to-do list with the order in which the child wishes to do the tasks.
  • Television is a distraction. It is best to switch off during homework time.


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