10 Pros and Cons for the Homework Should Be Banned Debate

For many decades there has been homework as an essential part of every student’s life. It’s a usual practice that a child has to do some self-study after coming back from school. Though recently there appeared a lot of debates on the point whether doing home assignment brings any benefits or only takes time. Here are two sides of this medal.

The Pros:

Homework is an integral part of the studying process, especially if a teacher wants to give his or her students more than there is in a textbook. It is necessary to extend the received knowledge and master it.

  1. Homework gives an opportunity to look through what was mentioned at the class and to make sure that everything is clear.
  2. It lets students practice and imprints the material in his or her memory.
  3. It ensures the high quality of preparation for tests.
  4. Rote learning is made easier.
  5. It lets parents control their children’s school work and be in one stream with their kid.
  6. Constant doing homework makes students more responsible, organized and self-disciplined.
  7. Interesting tasks increase an interest to the subject and lead to the growth of the self-study level.
  8. Quickly checked homework reduces the number of possible mistakes.
  9. Parents and their children working together make family closer.
  10. The amount of information available on the subject might be greater than the opportunities to teach it during a class.

The Cons:

The opposing opinion is that there is no need in such a kind of activity. There is a view that it might be educationally incorrect: too much amount of home assignment is sometimes harmful to younger students.

  1. Homework takes time which might be necessary for having a rest.
  2. Too difficult tasks bring stress and take away the longing for learning.
  3. It does not leave time for sports, hobbies, and friends.
  4. Teachers usually do not care that there are some other lessons but theirs, so they assign too much homework.
  5. Kids don’t go to bed till the late night, as a result.
  6. Sometimes teachers give children tasks that are not familiar to kids, thus parents have to take a greater part in explaining the information.
  7. Home task might be so difficult sometimes that even parents cannot help their children.
  8. Sometimes older family members or tutors may complete the tasks for children.

Some assignments are meaningless; they do not help students understand the subject better.Teachers spend so much time on checking homework instead of getting ready for classes and seeking for some interesting information.


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