In Pursuit of Free College Homework Help

College homework is more time consuming and demanding than homework given in high school.  It is recommended in college that a student spends 2 to 3 hours completing homework and studying for every class hour attended.  For example, this means that if you have 15 credits for your first freshman semester, you should be working on homework and studying outside of class for 30 to 45 hours.  Yes, it is a more than a full time job, and therefore, when you need help with homework, you need to find fast reliable help.  You should not have to pay for the help either.  Here is a guide in pursuit of free college homework help.

Tutoring and Learning Centers on Campus

  • If you are living on campus or very close by, you can walk to your college’s tutoring and learning centers.  Your college may have one, or there may be several depending on what you are majoring in.
  • These centers often keep late hours. So, the hours are particularly convenient for those times you find yourself completing homework late into the night.
  • They are also made of fellow students who have already been successful in the class you are now taking.  The material is fresh in the student tutor’s mind, and he or she can relate to what may be causing your stumbling block.  Student tutors are great for offering tips and tricks that worked for them.
  • One or more professors are typically available to tutor as well.  This is especially relevant for harder subjects, such as calculus or any of the other sciences.
  • Utilizing the teaching skills of a different professor may be helpful to you.  People explain things differently.  Comparing what your professor has to say with that of another is all you may need to have that needed light bulb go off.

Pursuing Free Help for College Homework Online

  • If it is after hours, and the on campus tutoring and help centers are closed, you can get free online help with your homework.
  • Students seek each other out online to help with homework.  Perform a search query relevant to your course topic.  You will be lead to various message boards of students who have the same questions as you that have been answered by other students.
  • Along with your online search, you will be lead to websites that offer free help.  These websites list the most common questions coupled with the correct answers and give numerous examples that you can follow and apply to your own homework.

Keeping up with homework in college is important.  It is one of the key components of your success as a student.  Know that you can receive help for any topic easily, and as long as you know where to look, help can always be free of charge.


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