You don’t waste your time on your maths homework

It’s 7 o’clock in the evening and you’re sat there at your desk, homework sprawled out all over it, thinking: “when am I ever going to use Pythagoras again? What use are fractions to me?” Truth of the matter is you’ll use maths every day without even realizing it.

You decide to paint the coving in your house, your brain will be automatically using Pythagoras theorem to work out how to put the ladder against the wall. Want to work out what packet of pasta is the best value in the supermarket? You’ll be using fractions to do that. You’re in the pub and only have a tenner left in your wallet and 6 people to buy for. At £2 a pint, unless you’re buying them all water, chances are you won’t be able to get the next round in…..again you’re using maths.

If you have an interest in football you’ll be using points, goals scored, number of games played, etc, to calculate where your team are in the table after each game and probably even working out how many goals or points they need to get to go higher up the leader board.

As a jewellery maker people may assume that you wouldn’t need maths because it’s something creative. Maths is essential to what they do. To use a simple example, if they had to make a 16 inch beaded necklace using half inch diameter beads they’d need to check that they had at least 32 beads to be able make it. If they didn’t have a basic knowledge of maths they’d have a lot of unfinished jewellery lying round their workshop.

Whether you’re an architect designing buildings or the bricklayer physically building them a fundamental knowledge of maths will form the foundation of your job (no pun intended!).

Maths is considered by many to be a truly universal language because it has a basis in everything. It may seem like a waste of time when you’re learning it at school but that’s only because what you’re learning is at its most basic level, the foundation level. Maths forms the basis of almost everything you do in life , so any time you spend on it now, is NEVER a waste. Learn it now, it’ll help you a lot later on. As Einstein once said “Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater”.


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