How to Find Fee Help With My English Homework

Today’s students of English have a glorious advantage of students from decades past. This benefit is one of having the most respectable educational materials created by teachers, scholars, universities, and public schools than ever before. More and more teachers are uploading the same handouts and materials they use for class, and also take the time to adapt them to their audience.

Finding good English homework help is easy—it’s all in how you search for good help at your grade level. One tip now—always read reviews and search for “recommended,” “award winning,” and other respected sites on the web to provide yourself or your child, teen, or young adult, to the best education the Internet can offer.


YouTube is fantastic for math and can be a great source of English help as well. There are all kinds of videos and classes on YouTube channels on everything from how to write a five-paragraph essay, to how to write a college term paper, to how to write a doctoral dissertation.

University and School Websites

There are all kinds of university websites that have handouts and packets that can transform your knowledge of grammar, mechanics, sentence construction, and essay writing – in fact all levels of help from understanding verb forms to writing a ten-page research paper. First, search for the “best university English help sites on the web” or “the most acclaimed English help websites on the web” and begin with number one, working your way down until you find several favorites to add to your bookmark bar.

Often, these sites have fantastic, fun, and interactive exercises in which you study the handout, then perform exercises and find out how well you have mastered the concepts.

English Tutors

There are all kinds of English scholars, doctoral and masters students, and teachers of English who help students on the web for free or an extremely low cost. If you really need one-on-one help, a tutor is a wise investment.

You can find tutors or tutoring centers by searching for tutors by your zip code. This way, the tutor can come to your home or you can go to them at a nearby center, as you need them. You can take your essay in progress and get advice and one-on-one help until the essay is done.

Online tutors have proven to be highly effective as well. Make sure to read reviews before you commit to any one tutoring site as these are all over web and not every one is a reputable site. Search for the most respected ones and read reviews –ALWAYS.


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