Homework Help for College Students: Getting it as Fast as Possible

In college, homework has a whole new set of issues that weren’t a problem in high school. Now you rarely have class everyday and the subject matter is more complex. You need help and you need it fast. Going online isn’t always reliable but luckily there are numerous resources available to the college student with homework concerns.

Phone a Friend

  • Don’t discount the people around you. If you live in a dorm or student housing, you are literally surrounded by people in the same situation as you are. Chances are that they are taking the same class or may be experts in a subject you are struggling with.
  • Form study groups. When you start a new class, find one or two people and get their phone numbers and email addresses for when homework questions arise. For classes that are particularly difficult or have a lot of studying associated with them, consider scheduling a weekly study group to address your questions throughout the term.

Go to the Source

  • Go to office hours. Most, if not all, professors have scheduled office hours to address concerns and issues and yes, offer help. Most professors have a passionate attitude about what they teach and would like nothing better than to talk with an inquisitive student regarding their area of study.
  • Visit the TA. Many professors have teaching assistants and in some lower division classes, the TA teaches the class and grades the papers. Don’t be afraid to see the person deciding on your grade when you have a question about the homework. Not only will she know your weaknesses, chances are she knows the professor’s expectations better than anyone.

Books - Remember Them?

  • Visit the library. All colleges have libraries and they can be a great resource for a last minute question on your homework. Not only are college libraries usually open late, they offer access to resources that aren’t available anywhere else. Many professors will put books on reserve that only students enrolled in the course have access to and may provide answers to all of your questions.
  • Check out what else the library has to offer. College libraries often have walk-in tutoring centers where you can get your homework questions on any topic answered. They also have writing centers where trained writing instructors will help you work through essays and papers.


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