Homework helper online doesn't solve your problem

There are many reasons that an online helper might not help solve your problem. This is why the quality of the site is so important to look at. Another issue could be the student, that they are not getting the help they need. Being that each student is different, means that they need different levels or types of help. So here are some reasons and ways to deal with this.

  1. Type of Site
  2. Tutorials
  3. Tutors
  4. Walk-Throughs

Type of Site

The type of site the student uses is as important as the type of help they get. This is why a student needs to look at sites geared for students in most things. These sites use staff that understands the student’s needs and what information is right for their classes. Using a general information site may or may not be of reliable help. It might help on one thing, then fail on another.


Tutorials can be of major help to a student. But then again, hey can also be lacking to that student. A short tutorial might help a large percentage of students, but not have enough information for others. They may need a longer tutorial that contains more information. Or they may need a tutor that can spend one on one time with them. Looking at what the issue is, can tell the student a lot.


No one tutor is going to be right for every student. Issues can vary from the style of that tutor, which might work for a large number of students, but not with a few others. If that tutor has an accent, that could hinder a few students. Some people have problems with heavy accents, especially from countries like India. It is an issue that is amplified through speakers. So maybe a different tutor would do better in these cases. It is not a situation that the tutor can help, it is part of them.


Walk-throughs are a very good way to help students. But again, not every student does well with these. A good site will offer different types of help, as they understand that not every student is good with just one type of help. Different students need different types and levels of help. Thus, this needs to be addressed in the setting up of the site. Which most sites dedicated to helping students do.


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