Who Can Do My Homework For Me For Free: 4 Unexpected Solutions

Many students will wonder whether or not they can get any free help with any homework that they need to do. It may be surprising that are several methods that you may be to use in order to get free assistance with your studies.

Although some of the methods may be applicable to homework of all subjects, others may only be suitable for specific subjects that you are studying. Nevertheless, the following gives you four possible solutions that you may not have thought of.

  • Search engines for short maths questions
  • Firstly, if you have any math questions that you’re stuck on, sometimes it makes sense to simply paste them in to the search box of any of the major search engines. Many of the search engines have clever little functions that will work out a wide variety of different mathematical and scientific equations. For example, on a basic level, you can do simple arithmetic, as well as various conversions of different weights and measures; however, they can be used for more complicated mathematical questions as well. As a result, it is always worth simply checking this before you carry any detailed research try to find help on other websites.

  • Members of Q & A websites
  • You will find many question and answer websites on the Internet. These websites will generally be open to members of the public all around the world and will have various sections or categories available for people to ask and answer questions.

    Basically, all you need to do is sign up to the website and post your question and wait for anybody to answer. The more obscure the question may be, then potentially the fewer answers you may get; however, you will quite often get at least one or two answers, although you may have to double-check if they seem like they might not be accurate.

  • Members of language learning sites can check your translations
  • If you are learning a language then it can be a good idea to join any of the online language learning sites. Many of these enable users to interact with one another, in order to check each other’s work. As a result, you can potentially have people check any translation work that you have to do, or you can even get others help you with anything that you’re stuck on.

  • Willing strangers found through relevant social media sites
  • Finally, you may wish to find strangers on social media websites through various groups that have been set up by people interested in various subjects. You can find groups relating to just about any subject that you are studying, and can often post questions and get replies in this way.


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