A Guide To Literacy Homework: The Use Of Apostrophes

Grammar has a significant place in conveying your thoughts. Until and unless, you do not possess an effective communication style, you are sure to fail everywhere. Your all writings will not have any significance, no matter how effective your thought process is? Apostrophes are an integral part of the Grammar and offer you the degree of being a literate. Your homework would lose its shine if the rules of apostrophes are not followed diligently.

Literacy is more visible if you follow these rules as part of your homework

  1. Always write Nouns in capital letters.
  2. Punctuation is an integral part of the sentence formation.

The 3 rules of apostrophe

  1. To show the possessive :
  2. In case of nouns-

    For example-

    • This is John’s car.
    • This car is John’s.
  3. When you are using personal nouns like I, you, he, she, it, they, we etc, the possessive nouns becomes the whole word. In that case, apostrophes are not used.
  4. For example:

    • The car is yours.
    • The lion broke its leg.
  5. To show the missing letters in the mid of the phrases or words-
  6. For example:

    • Don’t do that.
    • She can’t have it.

    But, remember, apostrophes are not always used.

    For example-

    • 16, Elma Rd
    • St. Gonzalez Passion
    • Photo in short form of Photograph

    There are some cases where apostrophes are used in singular form. Hence never use it as a plural.

    For example:

    • I had one photo
    • She has two photos.

    Sometimes the structure of the unusual words are written like this-

    • She bcc’d a copy to all her colleagues.
    • Mind your P’S and q’s.
    • A list of do’s and don’ts.

    Such words are relatively much confusing. The apostrophes are used only if it is highly mandatory, but mostly, we should avoid it. Instead of the above stated sentences, you can write-

    • She sent a blind copy to all her colleagues.
    • Mind your ps and qs
    • A list of DOs and DONTs.

    Some other rules of using the apostrophes- In these cases the apostrophes are related directly after the thing possesses something.

    • The Sun’s rays
    • The children’s T-shirt
    • The People’s princess
    • The American people’s
    • A week’s notice
    • Everyone’s help

    Basically the apostrophe in the above sentences is stating the connection between the two things. However, we do have seen cases where there is no possessive connection between the two.

    For example:

    • The accounts don’t have any department
    • The sports don’t have a car

    But they are written like-

    • Account’s department
    • The Sport’s car

The rules of apostrophes are unlimited and to have a detailed explanation, you should go through the books of renowned authors while doing your homework. Understand them by heart and reveal your literacy.


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