College life is like a triangle with three choices at each vertex—good grades, enough sleep and social life. Needless to say, you jump at the opportunity of getting all three together, but that is not the case generally. You are allowed to choose only two, and forgo the other ones. If you go for good grades and enough sleep, you can forget having a social life. If you chose social life and good grades, you will be the most popular sleepless vampire in the school. If you choose enough sleep and social life, well, you know how you will graduate. But worry not: here are some tips to help you manage your homework as well as your social life, because college isn’t only about studies:

Organize your work:

  • The time of the beginning of the semester is one that students take most for granted. There are no heavy assignments, no back to back classes and plenty of time to interact. Thus, workload is pretty light, and one gets a lot of chances to socialize.
  • However, do not fall into the trap and become a victim of the vicious circle. This is the time that you can utilize to read up ahead and learn some things beforehand, so as to have an upper hand and prep-preparation when the topic is actually taught.

Manage your time:

  • Most students are in the habit of working either too little or too much. Both of these practices are wrong. You don’t have to walk around with a calendar to manage your time. You can very well do that if you only prioritize.
  • For example, if you have a big assignment, you can work on it little by little everyday instead of working only one night or every night.

Stay away from Social Media when you study:

  • Turn off your phone when you work.
  • As far as possible, try to download study material off of the internet and read it offline.
  • If you have to study while online, chant to ten every time you feel compelled to access your social media account.
  • Additionally, if you tire out after hours of studying, you might think, “Oh, let me just check updates. It will only take a minute.” It doesn’t. One minute will turn into ten, twenty, an hour, and before you know it, your books will be on the side, completely forgotten.


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