Getting Free Second Grade Math Homework Help

In second grade kids are just starting to really learn the concepts of different math problems. This is also the time that kids are starting to memorize addition and subtraction problems and are just starting to learn multiplication and division. With all of the new stuff that kids are learning during this time, it can become difficult for them keep everything straight. Be have no fear because there are quite a few free resources online that you as the parent and your child can use to help make learning math easier.

Free Second Grade Math Resources

  • K5 Learning: K5 Learning has worksheets that you can print out for your child so they can practice their math. There are worksheets on skip counting, addition, subtraction, place values, rounding, multiplication, time, money, measurement, and word problems. Each worksheet comes with an answer key that you child can use to check their answers.
  • Everyday Math: Everyday Math on The University Of Chicago website has their book information online for second grade students. Each unit has a different subject that is covered; you get the background information on the subject, a vocab list, and activities that you can do to practice. This goes off of the school’s second grade curriculum but you can use it to help your second grade child.
  • Math Game Time: If you child doesn’t do will with worksheet and learn by your explaining it to them then try the Math Game Time website. This website has sections for Pre K – grade 7 math. Each grade level has games, worksheets, and videos that you child can watch and play to help them learn the subject.
  • Funbrain: Funbrain is another site that has educational games on it for subjects like reading and math. This website is also broken up into grade sections so you find the grade level you need to help your child.

Any of these sites should be able to help your child with their second grade math homework. The key to keeping them interesting in subjects like math is to make it fun and if you child is struggling with their homework the a little extra help should give them that extra push to learning it. You could even use the worksheets as a game as well, like for every answer they get right, they can get a prize or if they do well on a math test, you can take them to a movie or out to eat and so on.


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