Help with Math Homework for Free: A List of Trustworthy Services

There are free math help sites online. Conducting a keyword search for “free math help” will result in hundreds of hits. Please do your homework and research and read reviews before you use any of them. They can be free because they list advertisements at the site. However, if the work is not accurate then it does not matter if the site is free to you.

Do not use a free site that you are not 100% comfortable with for extra help. Below you will find a list with links of my top five free math places.

Free Math Services

  • HoodaMath
  • Kindergarten-8th grade

  • Education World
  • Kindergarten -9th grade

  • 7th grade-12th grade

  • Paul’s Online Math Notes
  • 9th grade-college level appropriate

  • Khan Academy
  • 3rd grade-12th grade appropriate


Before you turn to an online help site, you should always start with help from your teacher and school. Once you have exhausted extra teacher help sessions, peer tutoring, class notes and instructions, and practice sessions, and then next you really should consider a personal tutor.

A personal professional tutor can personalize your help and instruction. Noting beats a one-on-one help session with a trained and certified professional who cares about no one but you and your success. You will drastically improve your math skills with the help of a tutor. Yes, a tutor can be very expensive, but hiring a tutor is work every single penny.

If a paid tutor is not in the budget, then do consider using a free site for extra help with your math. Just be very careful and very selective when you pick the free site. Take your time and make sure the subject and the age are compatible with what you need.

Free Online

A free online site can help you with your math concerns. Just as with anything that is free, make sure they are a quality free help site. Conduct your search and use keywords that are specific to your needs.

Read the reviews carefully and do not be afraid to ask the moderator questions. Not all sites are created equally, so make sure the one you pick covers the area you need help with at the moment. If you cover all of your bases, you will get the needed help with your math at a free online site.


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