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Consequential Luck: How a Coffee Lover Adapted to Change

The Art of Consequential Luck: A Tale of Coffee, Crepes, and Change

Life is a series of actions and reactions, choices and consequences. Sometimes, these consequences lead to unexpected outcomes, or as I like to call it, "consequential luck". This is a story about how my love for coffee and crepes led me to experience this firsthand.

As a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, my daily routine was incomplete without a visit to my favorite local cafe. Nestled in the same building as the local college's merch store and workspace for student entrepreneurs, this cafe was my sanctuary. The baristas knew me well enough to start preparing my usual order - an exclusive cold brew brewed with hops and a turkey, bacon, avocado crepe - as soon as they spotted me in the window.

This routine continued for the better part of two years, until one day, the country was thrown into a frenzy by a sudden spike in gas prices. Like many others, I was forced to reconsider my daily expenses, including my beloved breakfast.

That's when I was hit with the cold-hard truth that sometimes, making it at home is the smarter and better decision. So, I started brewing my own coffee and making my own crepes. It was a change, but it was a good one. It saved me money, gave me more control over what I consumed, and even introduced me to the art of coffee brewing and crepe making.

Looking back, I realize that this change was not just about saving money or learning new skills. It was about adapting to changes, making the best out of the situation, and finding joy in the little things. It was about experiencing consequential luck.

So, here's to more consequential luck in our lives. May we all find joy and learning in the changes that life throws our way.

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