Rediscovering the World: A Journey from Space to Earth

Chapter 1: The Cosmic Connection

As a child, I was always enthralled by space. I looked out, my eyes seeping into the depths of the darkened sky, only to find the most beautiful luminescence provided by multiple stars, planets, and our lovely moon. I loved it because it had this quiet dominance over the rest of the world, in the way that it simply existed and continues to do so day by day. I knew very little about space, or the glittery stars in the sky, and far less about its purpose in the grand scheme of things. This is what fascinated me, I felt like space must feel misunderstood in the same way I was at times. If I did poorly in school, or just had a bad day, the very same space beyond assured me that my purpose is unknown and far greater than what is perceivable.

Chapter 2: The Call of Nature

As a child, I romanticized the beauty in nature. I always perceived the urbanized world to be so dull in comparison to the luscious greens, blues, and every color in between, that was provided by the most surreal landscapes. A type of beauty that even the finest painting could never truly encapsulate. A matter of communication with the soul. I admired how every living being, from insect to mammal, had a significant role in its maintenance. I wondered if maybe we humans are meant to do the same thing. I did not understand what made us so different, so dualistic even, with the rest of the natural world. It was as if humans, scared of their own origin, attempted to run away with concrete walls and barriers, forgetting the very walls are composed of those fears.

Chapter 3: The Human Tapestry

As a child, I romanticized people. I saw wrinkles as ripples in silk. Bruises, cuts, and scrapes resembled strength and adversity. The eyes of others were just as captivating, if not more. It was as if I could see the world they were living in through a matter of seconds without any invitation. Just that outside perception, like knocking on a stranger’s door, you get a little idea of their life provided you catch on to some lingering feeling while you’re there. Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, but either way there was a new feeling to feel, a new person to understand, and a new world to expand upon.

Chapter 4: The Awakening

As a child, I was blissfully unaware of how the broadened aspect of the ‘world’ truly operated, and yet still I saw it for what it was. I did not find modern society to be quite astonishing or fulfilling, as my heart constantly yearned to be part of nature. Now as an adult, I have held onto that little heart that wished to help the world heal. Although my world was shattered early on, and I faced many challenges, I persevered. Many others have persevered too.

Chapter 5: The Invitation

I hope that one day I introduce that world of mine to someone else who not only meets me at my doorstep, but decides to walk inside. I am absolutely done with the shallow, greedy, consuming, and glutinous ‘world’ that most people are living in, the one painted as idealistic by society, the one we are forced to share or at the very least comply with. The type of place that makes you feel as if talking in depth is unacceptable, and living with an undefined purpose is corruptive. I am done with materialism and superficiality. I hope that one day I meet people who live in a much different world than that.

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