A Tale of Two Worlds: A Modern Fairy Tale

A Tale of Two Worlds

“If today was a fairy tale, will things go easy or will it be just the same?” I asked, my voice echoing in the silence of our shared space. The question hung in the air, a whimsical thought that seemed to dance with the dust motes in the sunlight.

“Why so sudden?” you asked, your eyebrow arching in that familiar way that always made me laugh. It was a look straight out of a meme, one that we had shared countless times, a private joke in our shared world.

“What do you mean by ‘the same’?” I asked, my lips curling into a smile. “You know, walking on branches, needing to be extra careful every second, watching our back, afraid that someone may catch us up. Hiding beneath shadows and playing our cards close to our chest. That kind of ‘the same’..”

You called my name then, and it was like a spell, a magic word that made my heart flutter. I never got used to it–your soft and raspy voice calling my name–and I hoped I never would.

“If today was a fairy tale, we won’t be the same,” you said, your voice filled with certainty.

“Huh?” I asked, my heart pounding in my chest.

“If today was a fairy tale, I’d show up at your front door with my horse, then I’ll kidnap you, we’ll go to places where no one’s able to find us, it’ll be just two of us beyond the hills and cursed forest. We don’t have to hide, not anymore..”

“That was a little bit extreme, but okay..” I said, my laughter ringing out in the quiet room.

Our laughter filled the room, a shared moment of joy in our own little world. I touched the screen of my phone, tracing the contours of your face on the glass. And in that moment, I made a silent prayer to every celestial power that may exist, to the God whom I didn’t believe in, “If one day, You wanted to take things away from my life, please let me keep this one..”

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